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Application Testing

Application Testing

We offer application testing services for any application type, language or environment, such as:

  • Website application testing (Thin Client apps)
  • Microsoft SharePoint testing and reviews
  • CMS (Content Management Systems) testing
  • Online shopping ECommerce sites
  • Commercial or bespoke applications
  • Thick Client application testing
  • JAVA based applications
  • Mobile application testing and reverse engineering for Android and Apple iOS applications
  • Application traffic sniffing, to ensure the transmission of data is encrypted end to end
  • Application code reviews in all major languages
  • Application single sign on or authentication testing
application testing armadillo sec

All of our application testing follows the industry standard methods and adheres to the OWASP top ten methodology for application vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Armadillo Sec are a certified CREST member company and our consultants are certified by CREST in application testing, as well as infrastructure so we can ensure the application is tested end to end.

We offer the full range of cyber security testing services

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