Armadillo Sec are pleased to announce we are now accredited by CREST to offer Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing engagements under the STAR scheme.

To meet CREST’s stringent requirements, Armadillo had to demonstrate robust methodologies, expert qualified staff and satisfy information governance and risk management requirements.

Simulated Target Attack and Response (STAR) is a framework which combines Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and scenario-based security testing. Rather than being constrained by a scope, Red Teaming is instead scenario-based and measures success using methods such as social engineering, physical intrusion, command and control, privilege escalation, data exfiltration and persistence.

In addition, STAR engagements also help organisations measure how effectively they respond to advanced attacks and how their internal incident response teams identify, contain and neutralise threats.

Armadillo offers bespoke Red Teaming engagements which mimic sophisticated real-world threat attackers. We have experienced staff who hold CREST Simulated Attack Specialist and Simulated Attack Manager qualifications.

Contact us now to discuss your Red Teaming requirements.