Gold Build Review

Gold Build Review

A gold build review involves conducting a software build review of your master template used in group wide deployments.

Gold builds are typically one of the following:

  • The master template used for visualised environments – this image is then cloned and deployed multiple times from the master build to ensure all settings and software are consistent
  • A master operating system build for physical devices – this image is usually for laptops or desktop systems and is cloned from the master image via disk cloning hardware and software to ensure all systems are running the same software load sets
gold build review

It is very important to ensure the master image is securely configured before this is deployed to end users or critical infrastructure. Any weakness within this image will be replicated throughout the network.

Rather than manually building laptops or servers from scratch, it is best policy to have a detailed build document and a master image that has been evaluated for security issues, which is then used to deploy into the network.

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