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Network Security Reviews

We offer network security testing and configuration reviews of all network firewalls, routers, switches, load balancers and web application firewalls.

This covers firmware versions, password polices, port security, firewall rule set review, network protocols, access control lists and management services.

We also offer vulnerability scanning against network devices, segregation testing between subnets and VLAN hopping testing.


Network security reviews test network devices and their running configuration.

A typical network security review consists of a manual review of the running configuration of the device itself to identify any security configuration issues.  This is a much more detailed review than a vulnerability scan and can identify miss-configured devices that could leave the network or the management of the device at risk.

Typical configuration checks are listed below:

  • Weak passwords
  • Weak password storage/hashing
  • SNMP management configuration issues
  • Weak ACL (Access Control Lists)
  • Firewall rules
  • Legacy protocols
  • Logging and auditing
  • Management protocol issues (telnet/SSH)
  • SSL configuration weaknesses
  • Port security settings
  • Routing protocols
  • VLAN configuration

Network security reviews check that the devices, networks and rules are configured in line with security best practice and that there are no miss-configurations that could leave the network or device vulnerably.  If vulnerabilities are found these can be rectified before an attack or security breach occurs.

Network security reviews and testing will enable you to:

  • Manage vulnerabilities
  • Identify any security configuration issues
  • Standardise build procedures for devices
  • Avoid extra cost and reputation damage from a security breach
  • Provide evidence of compliance with regulatory and certification standards
  • Provide assurance to customers and suppliers that their data is secure

We are able to conduct testing and configuration reviews of all types of network devices, examples of the most common are listed below:

  • Firewall configuration review (Checkpoint, Cisco, Juniper, Sonicwall, Dell , WatchGuard, Fortinet, Foundry, Palo Alto and Barracuda)
  • Switch and router configuration reviews (Cisco, HP, Alcatel, Lucent, Brocade and Juniper)
  • Load Balancer configuration reviews (Cisco, F5, JetNexus, Brocade and
  • Management interface build review or exported configuration review
  • Software based firewalls such as Microsoft Forefront TMG
  • Cloud based network security groups and rules (AWS, Azure, UKCloud)
  • Physical and virtualised devices

Armadillo Sec are a CREST certified testing body and we are accredited to operate as a CHECK service provider. All of our testers are certified by CREST and our senior consultants are certified by CREST to the highest CCT Level. Our testers are also CHECK Team Leaders (CTL’s) or CHECK Team Members (CTM’s) and are approved to conduct government CHECK testing.

Our team have many years experience conducting a broad range of government and commercial tests and always aim to go the extra mile for our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A penetration test of a network device would typically just identify any software related issues and any management services exposed or miss-configured on the device IP addresses provided to the testers, without a review of the configuration of the device itself.

A manual configuration review typically examines the exported running configuration file from the device. A review is then made of all security configuration settings against industry recommended benchmarks.

All our testers are certified by CREST and our senior consultants are certified by CREST to the highest CCT level.

CREST CertificationsCertified Testers
Practitioner Security Analysts
Registered Penetration Testers
Certified Web Application Testers
Certified Infrastructure Testers
Certified Simulated Attack Specialist
Certified Simulated Attack Manager

crest approved

Our CREST member status can be viewed, along with the certified tester types we have on the below link:

Our testers are also CHECK Team Leaders (CTL's)  or CHECK Team Members (CTM's) and are approved to conduct government CHECK testing.

CHECK StatusCertified Testers
CHECK Team Member (CTM)
CHECK Team Leader (CTL) - Infrastructure
CHECK Team Leader (CTL) - Applications

Our CHECK status can be viewed on the below link:

It is recommended that network security reviews are conducted annually as cyber threats are constantly evolving.

If major changes are made to the the network design or infrastructure, then it is recommended that additional testing is conducted. This ensures that any recent changes are not introducing new configuration issues or vulnerabilities into the environment.

Some certifications such as ISO 27001 or PCI DSS, require a certain frequency of testing to remain compliant.

Network security review prices are based on the number of devices or networks that are required to be reviewed, therefore there is not an off-the-shelf price for a network security review.

For each project we will technically scope your requirements and establish the time needed to complete the work. We will then provide a detailed proposal and breakdown of costs and options.

We supply a full network security review report, which covers the following:

  • Executive management summary - Non technical overview of issues for management board level
  • Detailed technical findings - A complete list of all issues identified
  • Affected devices - A list of all devices/networks affected, including any associated information
  • Risk level - Impact, likelihood and overall risk ratings are listed for each issue
  • Examples - Output or screenshots to demonstrate the issue
  • Recommendations - Recommendations of how to remediate the issues, including any reference to documents that can assist

A sample report can be supplied upon request.

We have a full methodology for all testing services we provide, which is supplied with each project proposal. This outlines the testing steps and all the requirements in order to deliver the test.

We offer the full range of cyber security testing services

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Network Security Testing | Network Security Reviews