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Wireless Security

Wireless Security

We offer wireless security testing and assessments covering many areas:

  • Wireless controller build reviews
  • Wireless access point build review
  • Wireless scanning for rogue access points – have staff installed their own home routers to bypass security?
  • Vulnerability assessment of wireless network
  • Segregation testing of wireless networks
  • Guest/Public wifi hotspot testing
  • Wireless signal leakage/strength testing
  • Factory handheld wireless scanner reviews
  • Wireless DECT phone handset testing and reviews
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Do you have public wireless networks for guests for your office or a dedicated wireless network for staff? Is this fully segregated away from your corporate network? If this network was to become compromised, could a non-intended user access sensitive company information? We can give you assurance that your wireless networks are aligned to the industry best security practices.

We offer the full range of cyber security testing services

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